Locating your SpaceBudz Image

Great job to the creators of SpaceBudz, which just launched a few days ago. I ended up making a couple of SpaceBudz purchases myself, and it was a pleasant experience. One question some people might have upon purchasing their SpaceBudz is… where do I see it?

After getting your SpaceBudz, you should have seen a transaction with 1.5 ADA. In that transaction is an asset for 1 SpaceBudXXXX (the X’s in this case are 4 digit numbers representing your unique token). For example, mine was SpaceBud8852. When you examine your transaction, you should see a metadata that looks like this:

That’s a screenshot taken from my Yoroi browser wallet. It’s a bit ugly without proper spacing, so here is the same metadata with pretty spacing:

  "721": {
    "d5e6bf0500378d4f0da4e8dde6becec7621cd8cbf5cbb9b87013d4cc": {
      "SpaceBud8852": {
        "arweaveId": "ths5aizhiJo5J9vIkC_N-YcKD9_g22hNSflMuMMvsao",
        "image": "ipfs://QmY7i6Myk7qPQGiZQhtEgdrtoxX89gB1ZdayXH8JTT4Xp5",
        "name": "SpaceBud #8852",
        "traits": [
          "Star Suit",
          "Covered Helmet",
        "type": "Dog"

Notice the field, “image.” It has a value of ipfs://QmY7i6Myk7qPQGiZQhtEgdrtoxX89gB1ZdayXH8JTT4Xp5 which is the unique key to the image on IPFS. Using an IPFS gateway like https://ipfs.io, you can view your image by appending your key to https://ipfs.io/ipfs/ like so https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmY7i6Myk7qPQGiZQhtEgdrtoxX89gB1ZdayXH8JTT4Xp5 and your image will display in your web browser.

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