Our philosophy

As bobatea and I were brainstorming our mission, vision, and purpose for the Cardano SUSHI stake pool, we quickly realized that this project would be much greater than a mere passive income vehicle. We had hoped to earn profit, of course, what entrepreneur wouldn’t want that? However, after looking into the Cardano project further, we believed that blockchain technology, and specifically the Cardano blockchain, was poised to make a paradigm shift similar to the paradigm shift of the internet in the dot-com era boom. It’s quite the mind boggle to think that we were part of one technological revolution, but to be part of a second one in the same lifetime? Why that’s truly a marvel of human evolution and honestly we’re fully strapped in and here for the ride.

We believe that social impact is the way to real world adoption. That’s why early on, we decided we would donate 20% of our margin from the stake pool to a charity initiative. We feel passionately about food, more passionately than some, because we’re die hard foodies. But did you know, not everyone has the luxury of this basic physiological need? According to World Vision, “Globally, about 8.9% of the world’s population — 690 million people — go to bed on an empty stomach each night.” The Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, UNICEF, the World Food Programme, and the World Health Organization reports that the number of people affected by hunger in the world continues to increase.

That’s why we felt it important to create our mission around this initiative because everyone should have access to a nourishing meal. We hope that you’ll help us achieve our goal of raising 1200 ₳ by the end of the year and beyond. We vow to continue contributing as long as we’re running.

We will partner with The Giving Block and publish our donations each quarter with evidence of the donation. Each quarter we will rotate our donations with the following verified non-profits:

URL: https://www.nokidhungry.org/
TAX ID: 52-1367538
Organization Type: USA – 501(c)(3)
URL: https://www.afcaids.org/
TAX ID: 30-0247823
Organization Type: USA – 501(c)(3)
URL: https://www.kansasjewish.com/
TAX ID: 43-1864529
Organization Type: USA – 501(c)(3)
URL: https://www.re-plate.org/
TAX ID: 81-1005691
Organization Type: USA – 501(c)(3)
URL: https://www.mrelief.com/
TAX ID: 47-3559589
Organization Type: USA – 501(c)(3)
URL: https://www.feedingseniors.org/
TAX ID: 94-2651065
Organization Type: USA – 501(c)(3)
URL: https://ffl.org/
TAX ID: 36-4887167
Organization Type: USA – 501(c)(3)
URL: https://good360.org/
TAX ID: 54-1282616
Organization Type: USA – 501(c)(3)
URL: https://new.hhrd.org/
TAX ID: 31-1628040
Organization Type: USA – 501(c)(3)

Please help us achieve our mission and start staking with SUSHI stake pool. Find us with ticker [SUSHI] and learn more about us on adapools.org or pooltool.io.

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